I Can’t Believe It~

So it was time to head to Epcot this past weekend for our 1st of 4 trips to the Food and Wine Festival. Figuring it was a Saturday and the weekend after the hurricane scare here in Florida we were prepared for it to be packed with everyone that didn’t have a chance to be there last weekend. Our day started out at Epcot with, believe it or not, a very short wait to get in through security! As we passed through the UK we decided it was time to take a chance on at least checking out the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios. Figuring we probably didn’t have much of a prayer of getting in we figured we would try it anyway. We were shocked as we entered HS without even a wait at security and Hollywood Blvd actually had a ton of walking room. As we approached the entrance to Star Wars we were prepared– how long of a line? How long of a wait? Did we need a boarding pass. Oh my gosh- the entrance was practically empty. We walked right in and found ourselves in the land of the 3 suns!

Amazing was all we could say! It’s not a huge area and so it didn’t take us long to actually walk around. But it truly makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into another land. Just a few highlights.

  • The marketplace is very well done with merchandise and food shoppes
  • There are a ton of great photo shot spots!
  • The design of the land is incredible
  • Thank goodness for the giant fans and misters scattered around
  • The food selections sounded awesome, but expensive! $9.00 for a bottle of coke!
  • There is only one attraction open right now, the Millenium Falcon- which amazingly only had a 45 min. wait. The next attraction is scheduled to open in December. We decided to wait until the next one is open

So all in all it’s a long anticipated addition to HS and thankfully not as crazy or crowded as Toy Story Land! We’re looking forward to exploring it just a bit more.

Well back to the Food and Wine Festival. We were slightly disappointed in that most of the food offerings were not anything new to us. So many of the food booths are left up throughout the year, so we’ve had a chance to try some of them out. I will say it was way more crowded over at Epcot than HS. Our treat for the day was just some ice cream from France! Nothing better than a cup of coffee ice cream and a waffle cone of mint chocolate chip on a hot and humid Florida day!